@sarah_the_magpie said in You Need THESE IF You're Struggling with WHO YOU REALLY ARE!: @Kaneki-kun using your religion as an excuse to hate on lgbt people is incredibly lame. please remember that everyone has the right to live their lives according to their own wishes & desires. live and let live Huh?! What you talking about, where's the hate? Show me. *And if your eyes see and your ears listen with understanding, you'll clearly be able to differentiates between religion and relationship. I've nothing hateful against LGBTQ, and I take The One and All Knowing God, who created everything in existence visible and invisible as my witness. As a matter of fact you can clearly hear what those people are saying. IDK about you Maybe you were formed in a scientific lab but ik for sure if both my biological parents and everyone's biological parents on earth happened to be homos nobody will still be on earth if not for nature. That's all those guys are saying and making emphasis on the FACT THAT people who Have Sexual disorientations and confusion have The Right to COUNSELING and ORIENTATION which the government is taking from them. Hypocrites, to you all its OK and "Love" for someone to transition the community but The Moment that same person leaves after they received clarity about WHO THEY REALLY ARE And share their experience, now they are religious and spreading hate. Beloved, if you have nothing truthful to say it's best for you to stay and save yourself breath and saliva, for this life is short but death long and eternal. That should concern you more, than me trying to direct ppl who are having real issues to potential help and counseling. Anyways... Stay Blessed, know Christ loves You (so get right with Him) and *HAPPY EASTER in Jesus-Christ name