@botanicani said in "Please be my friend im a "girl" who is 16" - click to LOL: If you or a loved one has ever felt personally victimized by the topic "Please be my friend im a girl who is 16" , you may be entitled to compensation. #catfish #ISeeYouOldMan #16yearoldsDontHaveBoobs #lol #16 #Call1800YouveBeenHoodwinked Attorney Botanicani, I feel as if I was Hoodwinked by a 16yr old catfish without boobs. Can I get compensated for this? I feel as if mentally and psychologically I will never be the same again. I mean I will just never be the same old man that I was before I can't go fishing, I can't eat catfish, and let's not even mention boobs. I cannot hug my 16 year old granddaughter anymore. And my 12 year old granddaughter refuses to sit in my lap anymore, because it hurts her little butt. I think I should be entitled to at least 10 million dollars for the granddaughters alone. Do we have a case?