It's just another example, isn't it, of our society becoming obsessed with things that simply don't matter. Why does someone's gender matter, unless you find you're falling in love with them, and wonder whether they're up for a bunk-up --and that's a very, very rare scenario, I think, unless you're some kinda Mr Lover-Lover. FURTHER MORE, it's ironic that the SJWs and Right-Wingers you mentioned, @WtfJudith, are so preoccupied with gender, while people's political identifications, which I'd argue are much more important, are allowed to be so vague and unspecific. For instance, as a communist, you'd be tempted to call me 'left wing', and yet I loathe Jeremy Corbyn and I'm pro-austerity, so what do you do with a massive contradiction like that? It's lazy definitions like that have led to the entire Communist Party of Great Britain supporting a political leader who's constituency is hundreds of miles removed from any factories or agriculture. And surely stuff like that is more important than whether anyone's sexy-sexy?