What I seek too is a woman whom I can confide in fully. Someone who really really cares and would never expose any of my secrets.

But I don't seek for the perfect woman. I'm quite happy with a womanly woman, deeply emotional in all ways. Someone who keeps surprising me, sometimes disappointing, sometimes pleasent.

And someone who is willing to choose not a hollywood's fantasy type of love, for love truly shines the brightest, when it is given in sacrifice. Someone who realizes that choosing another person for life is not all flowers and butterflys, but a cross to carry for the other's sake.

Not just that of course, because how fullfilling is it, to lie beside someone who truly has become a part of you, in front of whom you are allowed to be yourself, not having to hide anyething? I'm looking for a woman, about whom I can say: she is my home on this earth, And I know full well, that such a connection only works in two ways. I also want to be someone, become someone, she can call her home.