@cjko said in I don't like it when......: someone leave me hanging someone ignore me 3.someone betray me 4.Lie to me Ghost me and a lot more... how about you ? Being left hanging is part and parcel for a peanut in a packet, BUT ... I object to that too *It's never good when you are expecting a response to a convo, or a text and you wait ... and wait .... and still wait . I don't understand ignorant people! Regardless of them being ignorant about life things and not willing to learn , or their ignorance towards me. To lose someones trust for me is theworst. If it is something I have done I feel terrible and if they betray my trust I find it hard to get over I don't like to be lied to ... I don't do it to people, so why should they be allowed to not return that simple part of respect?