@JamieM117 said in politicians are sleeping: Here's the problem though, people are saying it's a good time for the rich and while this may or may not be true there is a bigger problem. They are losing money with less workers in the workforce and less people out buying. They didn't want to do this when COVID-19 hit the US, no they wanted to keep making money. If you aren't a 1% your life is forfeit to them, the real question isn't freezing the economy, it's how we deal with the fact that we are all cannon fodder to begin with. What do we do about it? Honestly... I think maybe it's a good thing everything is going to fall apart. That way we'll get rid of the enslavers of humanity. We just have to rebuild the system in a better way. I have a few ideas. For one, taxes should be exponential. E.g. the more you make, the more (in percent) they take from you. Because the problem are the super-big companies, and the super-rich. We don't need them. They are bad for society. We don't need super big. It should just get harder and harder to make more money, the more you have. Currently it's the other way round. If I had a few millions, I'd be a billionaire in no time. This is crap.