@justchatamy said in WHO IS UP FOR A POEM BATTLE ? : @cjko said in WHO IS UP FOR A POEM BATTLE ? : @JustChatAmy @Mr_Peanut @Valve @spaceboy @Mr-H @Jimmy1708 Hello there ladies and gentleman! I'm sitting here, having some fun. This poem battle makes us bond, ideas and emotions were collected in this pond. "I'm happy,thank you " is what I want to say to you. You make sadness and gloominess go, you make things brighter and lighter like a sunflower do. Good day and good health I wish to you, Blissful and successful in whatever you do. Hatred and heartaches are things to let go, Oh! I forgot ,include the past too. <-------- Cjko loves you Im not feeling very poetic today But seeing this touched me and I had to say That you're such an awesome person I'm glad to know And I'd really miss you if you ever did go Reading this, makes my heart say yahoooo! I know @JustChatAmy is a sweet person too. Angelic face is what she got,asking her for a date is never too late. Give her flowers too and chocolate.