@DIVine said in Looks like you have some misconceptions, and im happy to clear them : @pe7erpark3r Ekam satya vipra bahudha vadanti This is a Vedic Sanskrit text which translates to; 'Truth is one, just different ways to find them' Every spiritual non-political religion, preaches the same few principles. So, there is never this call that, 'my version of truth is the absolute one' Instead, everyone is right, in their own respects. A very tolerant way of looking at the world. You are right, this is very unwestern. The west has always looked for the objective truth. So no wonder that science came from the west (not devalueing the east here!), since science is nothing but a process by which we iterate ever closer to the objective physical reality, slowly eliminating all subjective "truths"... Yeah, this is the way the west thinks, so I cannot defend here Abrahamic religions indeed are not that way (that Hinduism is). They always have the claim to the absolute truth.