Just having the chance to talk forces you to open up more and get to know each other better. When you feel comfortable with a person at a communicative level that has become more and more intimate, it is natural to miss him even physically. As cold and impersonal as the screen may be, what passes can be real and true, maybe even a little more intense because it is fought.Missing someone is possible and natural, Think of those who live in a shanty town and want a house with hot water and sewage ... Those who have never met their father are missing a piece of the puzzle of their life, and you try to deny it because it hurts you, it's natural and right ... Love is missing in those who have not yet experienced it ... Missing the person for whom he lost his head to those who love only platonically A child is missing for those who cannot have it You can't miss a thing or a person that you don't know exists, some things feel strong and true inside you even if you have never experienced or met them. Ghosting .. going away without a reason is a technique widely used by manipulative people, especially among family and friends, but even more today in chats and soial networks, because you feel the need to be desired, but there is also the possibility that he has noticed a wrong or done something wrong and wants to leave without giving explanations .. delete and unsubscribe