@abner-rovielo-santos said in About you and music: What's your favorite music of all time? I would have to say "Hello by Neil Diamond What's your song of the week? **On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz (Josh Wink Remix) ** What's the last song you heard? Hyperballard by Bjork *haha I got On Melancocholy Hill on as we speak (original version) * What song would you recommend to listen to? A song from your country. Dickhead by Kate Nash What kind of music do you like? **All music really, but I love EDM (house, techno and trance) and acoustic the most ** Is there a unique musical style in your country? Which one? Recommend a music of this style. Any live performance, doesn't matter the group or artist. Beardyman is awsome, check the vid's i posted