Being in 30s or married makes one Boring?!!

  • I remember, when I was 20 years old. I used to consider 30 plus equivalent to senior But, when I am standing in the middle of it, I see myself as not so immature and not too dull... infact, in this phase, I know, what do I want, how can I get it in a right way. And can enjoy more, everything happening around me.... But when I see from other's point of view... I mean younger one. They consider persons at my age very boring and are less interested to talk with. Is it really true...

  • No I see myself as more experienced and less likely to do something stupid like in my younger years for example getting with my best friends wife in their own bed. Now that was something that I do not think I would every repeat. Now being older does not really mean you are boring you just have better taste and a better grasp of what you want and like you said how to get it. But sometimes pretending your 18 again is also not so bad as long as I t is not for too long lol

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