• I found my boyfriend texting about girl asking hey (how about afternoon sex?..) he went as far as finding out what road she's living on... Should I stay or should I go?..

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    Time for an intervention
    His choice. Tell you what he feels he's missing with you and see if it can be worked on. If not, let him go.

    *realise that sounded worse than I intended it. I mean if he won't work on it and open up with you, or just isn't respecting the relationship, leave him

  • I've asked him that already, he says that"I've been being a bytch' .. That he's got to keep h his options open.. I've lived with him for about seven eight years now.. and it's so freaking hard for me to just leave.. And so I feel stuck in a rut.n don't know really how to go about all of this..

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    That you've been being a bitch is not really a helpful criticism. He needs to work on communication, maybe you do too I don't know. Talk about specific things and how they make you feel, encourage him to as well. Be descriptive, remember a healthy relationship means being brave enough to expose your true thoughts and feelings sometimes, even if they'll hurt. SIt down, face one another and talk. I'm rooting for you :)