ACTUAL thoughts and advice wanted about one of my biggest regrets.

  • When I was in grade one I was very curios and I don't know exactly how it happened but it ended up with me asking one of my female class mates to show me her genitals. She agreed and she showed me and that was it. I can't help but feel like a horrible person and I've been disgusted with myself since. I apologized once back in grade one once one of the teachers found out and that was that. But to this day I feel wrong. (No one knows about this other than a very select few)

    Am I bad for doing this?
    Is it bad that I use me being very young at the time and being curios as an excuse for doing it?

  • You were too damn young to acknowledge it in a sexual way so get over it.

  • @st-wolf
    Christ man calm down. That was like a big refreshing slap on the face. Just a lot more harsh and unnecessary. Thanks I guess

  • I didn't show any signs of aggresion but writing can't show the actual intonation so take it purely objective. All I'm saying is that you don't have to worry about that, especially that you realized that it was kind of wrong(everyone is curious at that age, i skipped a whole day at the kindergarten to follow a river for example) I've done worse things than you did and I sleep like a baby during the nights.

  • this sounds kinda bad and hilarious but you were too young to know anything so you shouldnt feel bad
    just let it go

  • Gamers

    Is natural to be curious about the body, and what makes us different. You only feel strange because no-one is admitting it... Not many do talk about their private development. I assure you you're normal, it happened, and you're not a bad person. Good on you for being courageous enough to share :)