• Agent O Neal walked into the room, The walk was heavy looming and even sullen. 5 years he chased this criminal and almost caught him, only to have a 98-year-old man stopped him .what kind of joke is this? With a stomach full of fire he looked at the old man. in the chair barely alive but he still stopped over 100 men, with a deep sigh he closed the door.

    The first words spoken were Sir, the sound of steel no emotion.

    You do know stopping a police invent-

    Before he could finish is words an old hand was risen, still chained as far as it could go to stop him. a weak voice barely a whisper... I don't care

    Sir O Neal tried again, his voice was boiling YOU!

    What answered back was the same ... I don't care

    You will care when your doing 20 years, Aiding and stopping my men is a federal crime.plus helping that criminal escape is at least 30 more years to the toll, be smart to help us and we will help you.

    Now the weak fragile old man whole body was shaking, O Neal looked content finally he shows a bit of fear he thought one more push. The old man looked at O Neal a prideful pose, old and chained but happy.

    So my BOY did get away.

    O Neal finally lost it he slammed his fist on the table and rocked the old man into the wall, O Neal thought he would see fear and pain. Greeting him back was a smiling face it stunned him too much and he regained his calm and sat the old man back down. Straightening out his suit with a machine like calm he spoke.

    You WILL help us find him, These words would shake hardcore criminals to the core it was a threat to one's life.

    Slowly getting back to the chair, the Oldman whipped the blood from his mouth as he spoke.

    I raise my son with the best of me. My wisdom, My faith, My kindness and My heartlessness whether he be Saint or Devil, I will not betray my son so kill or jail me up.Drag me into the street and beat me half to full death and you will see me laugh through it all.

    A crazy smile and tearful eyes looked back at O Neal, these were not just words but TRUTH.
    O Neal remembers the video of the SWAT team going in the house, that team running in this old man with a 1000 pounds of explosive and a hire trigger. Yelling All these who step forth to kill my son best be ready to go to HELL with me today!!! The crazy tearful eyes were present in the video too but it was more daunting to see it in real life and not on a video screen, How much love did it take to charge into the police with nothing more than house slippers and bathrobe and yell this? The explosive was fake and the trigger in his hand was nothing more than a tv remote, but man did this Oldman played the part well.