That's how my beautiful day was ruined

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    9:50 Am of a beautiful morning few minutes ago I was happy i bought my favourite chips bag coming back to my house and I was opening my gate I've been thinking about eating chips peacefully in my bed
    But Suddenly got attacked by a motherfucker Monkey who come out of no-where and took my chips bag and it was mocking me I felt surprised and depressed at the same time for a minute i did stared at at monkey in shock and angrily throw my my right foot sleeper at him but monkey dodged my attack and run away and i lost my sleeper and the worst thing is i couldn't get that chips packet back plus i lost my sleeper that drwan into gutter now I'm sitting in my bed and thinking about what happened earlier And how this small MF ruined my morning the worst thing is that was last packet in the stock that I did buy and that's how my beautiful day turned into the worst day

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