• If there are any intelligent people willing to have an intelligent conversation with the likes of me, hit me up. Seems like this site is full of thirsty brainless catfish with nothing better to do than to get their nut off, lol. Surprisingly, some of the women here are just as bad as the males. So if you have any other interests aside from seeking a virtual "relationship", I would love to meet you. Don't be shy amigos, I'm up for anything!😁🤙🏽

  • @mrmayones well don't know about my intelligence but I've been also looking someone just to chat with without pervs panting behind my neck.

  • @niki87
    They're everywhere, lol. What's up?

  • @mrmayones not much...just trying to make these days pass somehow. There?

  • @niki87

    I see. Ima just PM you, lol. May make things easier.😁🤙🏽