• So, this is the result i already have since 2019?
    INTJ-A Character

    The facts are:

    1. I am not that introvert when I am at work. Having different leaders in every layers force me to be fit in the cultures and special behaviors.
    2. I am sometimes too judgmental to people. Thus, you shall behave around me or else I will ignore you or walk away from you.
    3. When I have to deal with many people, I use my brain more often than my feelings. At night, my brain always disturbs me with his overthinking style. Listening voices of Judy from past recording will help me a lot to fall a sleep easily
      I use my intuitions more than my sense when I have to do actions. It seems like my adaptive survival-kit of living turns all the light to make the correct actions instead of sensing based on experience.

    What about you?

  • holly fuck , go outside

  • You should be ISOJ= Inferior Slave Of Judith .

  • @Lake-Bodom 🤣 i am outside all days, i wanna be inside today ☺

  • @TM oki thanks for your comment