• To all my friends in TWS..!! Namaste, Kon'nichiwa, Xin Chào, привет !!
    Its been about a year that my younger sister got married. She met her partner on Facebook, fell in love and within about 6 months, they got married. The day they first met was on the day of their marriage!! That's crazy!!! 😆 Luckily the guy was a sweet gentleman and a good hearted person.
    Youngsters uses social media as a mean to resolve their loneliness and thus seek out to various apps and websites which are open and unauthenticated. Creating a fake account is as easy as buying a toffee. There is no authentication of identity proof. And some places even fake identity can be used. In such chaotic scenario, youngsters (mostly teenagers) jump into the whirlpool of an unknown adventure which sometimes recoils and backfires. It's always interesting to chat and know strangers all around the world. Thousands of websites and apps like Tinder, TruelyMadly, Bigo, Facebook, Instagram, FriendsLife, VK and so on.. exists in which girls and boys openly share their feelings and sometimes personal information like hobbies, likes and dislikes and various other things without even knowing the true identity of the person on the other side. Not all are fake, there are genuinely good people too. But these social sites are flooded with imposters and dirty minded people who can cause you harm in ways beyond imagination, may it be psychologically, emotionally or physically. Being cautious is very important. Young people has a volatile mind, which can easily be persuaded. So, all my dear good friends, be careful to choose your stranger friends. Talking is a very wonderful way to get to know someone. So, take time before jumping into conclusions. Play safe, be safe and remember about your dearest ones before stepping into something big like my sister. I would just say that she got lucky but one of us may not be!!!

    Guys feel free to share your views. And i am sorry if I have offended anyone. I just am sharing my views..!! So nobolded text hard feelings!!!!

  • hi. any girls?