Explaining why I left TWS for a while

  • Hi! It's me Cindy and I made an alt account. I left TWS for a while because I got bored and I'm focusing on my studies and my friends in Roblox right now. I hope you all understand! I came back because someone inspired me to, and it's @lisAMini! She's the very first person I made friends with in TWS and my very first follower (maybe? not sure lolz) that inspired me in my TWS journey. As for now, I'll try my best to post a lot and interact with other people. Thanks for listening!

    People I wanna tag lolz
    @Janet idk why lol but ur my fav mod<3
    @Silly_Na bro ur also my fav mod why aren't u in the live chat anymore😭😭
    @guesty i like the fact that u just stay there and watch our every move lol
    To all the other mods I didn't tag: TYSM FOR THE BANNING CEREMONIES THEIR THE BEST😍😍😍
    To the new people: Welcome! Have fun in TWS and have fun playing around and making friends:0
    To the whole community: Ok idk what to say but hi lol

  • @itsmecileaxcindy Awwwwww! Your the cutest, ty 💗. I hope family, friends and even Rolblox works out the best for u <3 <3 <3 i'm honored to be an inspiration to u 😇😄

  • Idk who you are

  • bye and don't come back.

  • @firedfrommod_na u got fired? really?

  • this is bs, its still lisa mini, y she do this idk...