• I think you know who this is. I just wanted to thank you for our conversation, I learnt some things from you. More importantly, I got to realize how fucked up my beliefs were. But despite how fucked up they were, you were always polite and respectful. I feel like I needed that argument to knock some sense into myself. And realize that you're right, some of the things i was saying were coming from my own projection. I'm really sorry you had to listen to all that awful stuff. Thank you for your patience and dedication to asserting the truth. I wish you all the best. Take care

    ---The guy who doesn't need you to read this, he just wants you to read this

  • hey i totally understand you its not about the dominant gender idea in society, i am still virgin. Madonna - like a virgin 1982 tells the whole story

  • @Cenk-Çiğdem were you the person I had the long argument with? If so, again, I'm really sorry. I don't believe in a dominant gender idea in society, but I had some views which were really messed up. Thanks again for talking with me. I hope I can become a better person after this. I don't just need to, I want to as well. I wish you all the best too with your life. And yeah, that song is quite famous, I'm listening to it again after a long time. Take care

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