Collective Soul

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    Back! From a brief semi-hiatus due to an unexpected water valve break and subsequent flooding of my apartment. Today, another gem from the endless playlist. This song's been stuck in my head since I woke up this morning. Gives new meaning to the phrase "rise & Shine" eh?

  • @Lazz You put that perfectly. When the music’s good and life’s sweet... the tunes calm me, sweet melody..
    I like the guitar solo in the middle. Right on and simple. Ohh.. I do miss grunge!
    The 90s bands were and are still awesome, holds up today, never gets old to me...”heaven let your light shine down”

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    @kaia_ You never fail to astonish me with all the knowledge in your possession. With every post I glimpse a bit more, and am always happily and admirably surprised.

    Give me a word
    Give me a sign
    Show me where to look
    Tell me what will I find...

    Your mention of how a good song holds up, and never gets old reminded me of another favorite from the endless playlist.

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