• Today my day got away from me. It was one of those days where one thing piled on another, and another, unexpectedly so. Today, and all its obligations, kept from the most special person in my life. Eventually we talked, for a brief time. But without the usual flow, rhythm...harmony I always thrill to, and love. I feel I'm to blame. My attention somewhat divided during the minutes we'd had together. It wasn't possible for me to be more present. In those minutes I tried to catch everything, and I'm sure I fell far short of doing so. I replay our conversation in my mind, even now. Looking for ways to better understand what I may have earlier missed. Tomorrow I may be able to ask questions. I may be graciously given answers. For communication and clarity's sake, I can only hope so. Tonight, I'm left lost in thought. Stay safe, be open, communicate. It's better than misunderstanding. As well I know. 🕉

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