• Consider this: Our planet Earth orbits our Sun at roughly 67,000 miles per hour. 18.5 miles per second. Hurtling through space. Our solar system, our galaxy, all in motion, at dizzying, nearly unfathomable speeds. Through the void, through the emptiness and the darkness of space.

    Also consider: Each of us, with every passing second is moving through time. We're ever ageing as time passes. Whether faster, or slower time marches on, and so do we. Travelers. Second by second moving forward in time.

    So, for those who have been feeling the angst of the lock-downs, and restrictions to daily life, just imagine how far you've already gone. On a fantastic journey, through space and time, even while home-bound, and idly staying inside. Think about that. Safe travels. See you on the other side. :om:

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