• than watching innocent people being hurt or abused for no reason. seriously, i become livid when it is in front of me. i watch alot of true crime movies and such and that always seems to be the prevailing theme. the movie i am watching right now is about that. it is called Nowhere/Secrets In A Small Town, and if you watch it, it sshould make you angry. i can totally understand the idea of someone getting beat up because you took something from someone, or a damn drug deal gona bad, or you called someone the N word. then you deserve whatever you have coming to you. but a mother accosted in a parking lot mind her own business? a kid walking home who you dont even know bullied just because they can. a girl out for a jog raped and murdered because you decided to play God at that moment. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?????????????? seriously, for as long as i can remember as a child, i always fought for innocence. when my friends threw rocks at squirrels, when i would crings while guys in class talked about their stupid hunting trips. something about the destruction and molestation of innocence always made my blood boil over. i wish i would have pursued school more and would have went the ways of a DA or prosecutor. to demand PROPER justice for these people that deserve it. not sure why i dwell on this topic, it is just one that gets to me always. there is a special fucking place in hell i feel, for those that harm innocent beings and animals. and if anyone does it in front of me, they will discover those flames. im done

  • damn, still crying after what i just watched.

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