Name one reason why you are a great friend, helper, family member, or great at something!

  • Everyone is unique and special, we all have times where we need to see how many people are different from one another, or find someone you are similar too. You are beautiful so show the world, or keep your shine to yourself. You can reply, write it down, or just think about it. 🌸

  • Global Veteran

    @WaterLilly Um...i kinda share vibes with a duck..does that count anyhow?Like not literally n stuff..coz that would be..lmaoo but yeah vibes like one of a innocent child wondering abt the streets for candy or a kid on his first day at schl lookin for new friends...
    N ngl im not that great at anything..soo yea.thats all

  • Banned

    I never judge anyone’s decision in life, I’m always there for the people I love and never leave them alone when they are in the darkness of there lives.

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