to "yourworstnightmare"lady from Australia

  • I am that 25yr old indian guy that u talked with today, (if you remember, you said that you rode elephants on srilanka.)
    dear Madam,
    I just want you to know that, the way you revealed yourself scared the shit out of me.... I had no intention of Phedophiling anyone, I continued to talk with u only because, I wanted to talk with some good soul for sometime thats all. and I never thought that even chatting with a 12 yr old would amount to offence. If you can remember, I did not ask any personal information, of any kind,..Me asking you to come again to sri lanka was only to make you happy. Phedophiling is for sure the worst kind of offence, that I hate to the core from my heart. but This act of yours is making me feel guilty for what i never intended to, if you still feel other wise, If you still feel that i am guilty , I am ready to cooperate with you madam.feel free to contact me.

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