• You accepted Jorji Costava's cobrastan passport

    This represents your stupidity.

    The penalty is death. Your execution is scheduled for tonight.

    Your family will be questioned about their intelligence.

    Finding a replacement inspector will be easy.

    Glory to Arstotzka.

  • You have been arrested for cheating on your homework.

    The Penalty is forced hunger.

    Your friends will be questioned about their involvement.

    The safety of your secrets is unknown.

    Goodbye Student

    Glory to Middle School.

  • Gamers

    You have been caught using both the "approved" and "denied" stamps on the same paper, and worse, have gone outside of dotted lines provided.

    This dereliction of duty is not representative of high regard for job.

    Job has been re-assigned lottery, hopefully to non-treasonous citizen.

    All trace of your influence, property, family, and workstation have been razed, or re-assigned.

    This letter is poisoned.

    A cleaner will be assigned shortly to remove you.

    Glory to Arstotzka

  • @bushmurry NICE