• I need Upwork account.

    I have been working with buying upwork accounts for a long time and I have some candidates.
    This is the usual way that I do contract with my candidates who sell accounts to me.

    I need to work via teamviewer.
    I usually pay 10% of my income monthly for using teamview and pc. The candidate needs to provide pc or VM for my working hours.
    You can install VM on your pc and I can work there. But real pc is better.
    I should always work on your pc via teamviewer.
    If I login on my side, the upwork will block the account, and both of us lose money and time.
    If I get the US account, I can earn $5000 ~ $10000 monthly
    If I get the Europe or America account, I can earn $3000 ~ $5000monthly
    If I get the Asia, I can earn $1000~ $2000 monthly

    After adding payment method, upwork reviews account again for 3 days.
    some accounts are suspened after adding payment method.
    So we need to wait for upwork verification for 3 days after adding the payment method.

    Unfortunately, I can't be business with you if you can't speak in English. Cause you have to verify video call on upwork support team.
    At that time, you must speak in English.*
    If you are interested, then please feel free to contact me.
    You can get the safe money if you have a pc and agree with my business.