Looking for females to be hypnotized.

  • As the title suggests, I am looking for females to be hypnotized. I would prefer if it was an ongoing thing, since I need practice with hypnosis itself, and the effects of said hypnosis can range from hallucinations, different mindsets and going as far as being in control by the hypnotist, which in this case would be me. There's a lot more that can be done, but it's more fun to just hear suggestions from those interested. It does not have to be sexual hypnosis, not at all, but it is an open option for those who are into that sort of hypnosis. All in all it is mostly for educational purposes, and perhaps you as a subject could learn something as well, after all using hypnosis, it is possible to cure some kinds of addictions and mental issues, however such things are not cured instantly, and may take weeks to be "conditioned" before being cured. Still, it does not have to be therapy-type hypnosis, it can be one merely for entertainment, for both of the parties. As a hypnotist I value trust and consent, so I would be honest with my intentions, and would do things you would be willing to do, nothing else. A short/long chat is also an option you can go with, if you are feeling uneasy doing it with me, since I am a stranger to you, so you would need to gain some trust first.

  • @zephylir why only female? I think that you are saying you want females because you are guy who is secretly wants to do this because you simply like to hypnotise girls and that's your fetish. But ok do your thing I'm going to leave you alone

  • @zephylir i have studied some psychology and i know for a fact that hypnosis is real. And i would like to be hypnotised, learn how to hypnotise, have a friend who likes practicing hypnosis so i could talk with him about it and have a mutual hobie between us... but I'm a guy

  • @how-to-make-a The main reason is because "guys" often want it solely for sexual reasons. Which ranges from them wanting to be girls, wanting to be controlled, and such. Which as you may understand, is not the most of interesting things to do, for both the fact they are quick to drop off once they get what they want, as well as the fact it gets quite repetitive being asked for the same thing. Not just that, but it's not like you can learn much with them wanting to just be girls, see certain things or just be 'obedient'. In a way I'd find it, say, "mildly disgusting."
    EDIT: Also as an additional note, I would also like to point out it is much easier to work with females than males, because of the different mindsets. And they make for a nicer company as far as talking, in my opinion. Oh and I do hope no one gets my words in a wrong way here, I meant nothing impolite here.

  • @zephylir I think that you saying that hypnotising women is easier than men because of their mindset is a bitttt...bullshit. but ok

  • This post is deleted!

  • @how-to-make-a Mmmkay, I will be honest with the fact I've got your message wrong first time reading it. But let's just say the ways male and female minds function are different. And I myself, prefer the way female mind functions over the male one, because I find it more appealing to me, and easier to work with. Besides, I've had too many male subjects, and I've had little time to experiment with female subjects to learn how hypnosis works on them, so this is another reason for why I am seeking specifically female subjects, because I have not had much chances to interact with them, since there are few females on the internet as it is, and there are even fewer willing to do hypnosis.

  • @zephylir You can just say "I'm a guy and I'm doing this because I'm attracted to women and i like interacting with them and that's why i put this on the (find a date) section" instead of saying the same thing but in a different way "i prefer how the female brain functions...i find it more APPEALING to me..." dude can say your true intentions. And if I'm wrong then why did you put this on "finding a date" and why didn't you explain why you want only females in the original post so that women don't "MISUNDERSTAND" you like i did. Dude, what you really want is totally ok and innocent but just be clear and honest when trying to obtain it, please.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @zephylir I'm willing to ket u use me as a test subject

  • @how-to-make-a I am open with my intentions. And while the "find a date" category may seem like one meant to find romantic relationships, if you pay attention to the way it was set to be tagged, it fits in category of "find friends" as well, which I myself find weird, honestly. But as I said, I merely find it more appealing to work with females, which most likely would be because of my lack of interaction with female subjects so far, since there are more male subjects than female wanting to be hypnotized. And as you may obviously know, the ways male and female minds function differs, which is why I need to experiment with both, and I've already had plenty male subjects so far. And now that I've been typing all this, I've also reminded myself of another reason why it would fit "Finding a date" category, that is because, if the subject is willing, the hypnosis itself can carry sexual tones to it, since there's a lot that can be done. Why I need to study these in the first place, is because there are such things as "tulpas" for example, which are only partially affected by hypnosis, which in some cases can be thought as a negative trait, since it would prevent the subject from being hypnotized in certain regards, so as a hypnotist, I find it would be best if I found a way around it, and perhaps to find out how the mind itself functions, I would have to experiment with both male and female minds, even perhaps those "in-between." Oh this sure is a quite long explanation, but I prefer to be detailed, do forgive me for stretching this explanation for so long, after all many come here not to read long paragraphs but for entertainment.

  • @zephylir k. I don't care anymore

  • @zephylir see @abbie had the same impression. Lol.

  • @zephylir what anime is the character in your thumbnail from?

  • @how-to-make-a That is not an anime, merely a piece of art I personally liked. Not everything is from "anime".

  • @zephylir "not everything is merely "anime"" well it is a Japanese animation like character so me saying "what anime is that from" is not idiotic. So you're interested by spirituality, right?

  • I would totally let you use me as a subject if you lived here is the u.s. but unfortunately you don't. I don't exactly think hypnosis works, but I have an open mind and am willing to see if it actually does.

  • @zephylir Hi, I like to try hypnosis

  • @zephylir A pervert will think everyone around them are perverts like him, ignore that fool named ''a former use'' Zephylir, he is either a troll or an idiot trying to look smart, or both at once.

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