• @Sushi16 I wanna discuss something

  • @ayesha203 said in About education:

    @Hottie33 I have already taken engineering . But I think I took a wrong decision , not because I can cope up the syllabus , but because I think engineering is not my passion .

    Don't worry
    Majority of time in engg colleges you don't only learn engg instead you learn how to survive in various situations

    So if you have a different passion then thanks GOD for taking engg, bcz if u would have taken other steam then probably you haven't learn such survival skills which engg colleges teaches u
    So Chill 🙂

  • Looking for a decent lady whom I would share ideas with and subsequently transform it to a serious relationship.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @Hottie33 I wasnt exposed to other streams to know my passion then

  • I think engineering and mbbs both are vocations that, ok perhaps I've never been to India so I cant really make a statement that'd be 100% correct regarding whats going on there, are both forever ephemeral so they couldn't get overrated especially mbbs. Engineering also is not just technical but creative. Tbh I dont really understand what you're questioning...lol.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @MarsAttacks my question is basically mostly for Indians I guess , cause based on your answer the option to choose which degree you want will be based on you . But I dont know about others , my life basically was kinda like horse with the eye caps , I could only see engineering or mbbs or ca as a worthy degree . So I chose engg since I was good at science and maths and also because i could clear the entrance exam here called jee . But once I came into the college , I started to know more about other career option and started liking photography and creating creating cartoons more than engineering . Not because I can't cope up with the syllabus but because the latter things I mentioned made me really happy .

  • You're absolutely right! Fellow engineer here myself. 90% doesn't guarantee anything

  • Maybe you're right . But I believe that education is quite an important part of any person's life. And because of this, I cannot depreciate any work or specialty, even if personally it seems to me that they are greatly overestimated within certain limits.

  • Moreover, given the fact that many students find it very difficult during their studies. There are many difficult professions. For example, I often resorted to all kinds of help because of this in non-core subjects.

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