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  • you said you are bored you are sad so god put you in this world for a reason you don't believe in god you have to so many proofs 1 proof is not more because there's no time 1 is it logical that trees can come from seeds?

    So going back now that you know that god exists do something in your life look always to do favors without strings attached to people keep the 7 laws of noah or if you are a jew keep yours

    You have to take small steps at a time every person has their own stamina meaning how much they can do but keep it slow make a plan a small plan and slowly widen

    if you are christ follower stop jesus says he didn't come to take away from what the prophet(s)said and he's going against what god said they say

    So going back:write these down if you wish
    1 you know that god exists and not jesus
    (because god cant be or was phsyical)

    2 god put you in this world for a good reason
    (if you are gentile or jewish or god wouldnt put you in this world )

    3 you have to take small steps at a time whoever you are and make a plan.

    (even me who sounds like he knows it all)
    and you have to keep the 7 noah laws or if your jewish you keep yours and slowly build around it MAKE A PLAN and try think how you can(and do)benefit gods creations and do none of them any harm.

    i wish you from the depth from my heart sucess god willing in carrying his will out
    in god pray do that you should live to see the great light speedily in our days

    May god grant you your heart wishes if you keep and you should do whats right in gods eyes no imoral etc.(god not a he)will grant help in everything you do may it be for life for blessing.

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  • Try to work hard and do exercise you will fell tired and to my energetic body vives

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