• Hi. today I met some boy who was 15 years old and his name was Victor.
    He wanted me to act like his older sister because I am 16.
    I accidentally left the chat. So I am really sorry.
    I have been trying to find you whole day. Please message me. I am truly sorry I will do anything for you.

  • Hello ho are you doing

  • Hop you are doing good

  • @Alishia hi.. where r u from?

  • @svobodovam hii, Myself Nishant, just bcz of this mess I can imagine how sweet heart you have, On this site, where most of people come for s*xting, but you are only who the the importance of Relations , bcz it's no matter whether we are stranger or ........, But atleast we have to respect the relations, I hate the Username written by the *****people, it's shows their dirty mind and thoughts.
    Anyway I just want to say I am also want to you as my older sister. If u think that I'm... Message me, Bcz I lost my sister in the age of 13 yr and I miss her so much everyday, but can't say anyone but... your post compelled to me to say my story. But choice is yours , that's all I wanted to say.

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