• @rip80sa1 Didn't Robert Palmer experiment with polyrhythms? Back around the CLUES album...1980, if memory serves.

  • Yep, he did, I would not be surprised if he was not the 1st main stream artist to do so (I find it highly unlikely it not being used in jazz before that at some point but I could be wrong) tool whos new album comes out this week exclusively uses them. I can't even get the 3 vs 4 going on my knees with out almost instant unco kicking in, but I love the effect. If I had talent ild use them in my writing but I'm stuck disregarding time signatures completely to get an interesting sounding beat

  • @rip80sa1 Some of those time signatures get really weird, like the 5/4 time. There are rhythms like that in some Jamaican music, for example. To my ear that doesn't sound quite right, but can't say it doesn't sound WRONG, either. If it fits with the song, or style, or even genre it's all good. And a welcome break from the standard 4/4 IMO

  • The theam to mission impossible is in 5/4 and sounds fine but I agree , African music when ii discovered that as a teen just sounded like crap till I worked out it was the time signatures not being standard (or scales) and not being exposed to it before. I'm glad though when I played brass 6/8 was as weird as it got lol.

  • african drum beats are sometimes heartstopping

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    I dunno if any one digs the technicality of some songs here is a solid guitar cover of the above song slightly slowed down (cd playing in back ground), when I play the solo in the middle where he is tapping I do it slightly differently, I got no idea how his shit sounds right but it works for him , I assume he is doing it right and when I play my ears are deceiving me. I still can't get the end though with the bends and strumming, I just can't get the count right, pisses me off to be end but enjoy, it's cool you like music ,(mushuggah uses 8 string guitars, this guy has a 6, I use my 7, tuned down to f#)

  • smoking the water is the best guns n roses song

  • @Lick-Me said in It's always stuck in my head:

    smoking the water is the best guns n roses song

    LoL wut? Smoke on the water I think you mean was by led Zeppelin, they were a 70's band
    Guns n roses were 85-96 (not counting anything related to Chinese democracy or the reunion)

  • anyone here ever listen to this band called THE SILKY SHITS? they are streaming on most platforms....fkin riteous stuff dudes!