• what soulmate stranger? how you just left? you have said that we're soulmates, I thought our BRAINS are. but how can you just leave, you took my email and said that you'll email me, but I hadn't got any email yet, I'm waiting for your email, come on do it fast. that's not at all fair, I'll not just leave you as you're 14, come on... can you even understand how I'm feeling. and this talkwithstrangers will not put this message of mine to you on top, how will you know... come on get to me as soon as possible, and all you, friends I don't believe in god but those who believe please pray for god to bring her/him to me doesn't thought you're male or female or both or none i like your BRAIN come on.... please come fast

  • It's me we are soulmates

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