• I found this site with the mindset of looking for people like me to talk to, like me they rarely go out to "socialize" with other people because of their busy schedule or awkward being in public and that makes it hard to connect with others.

    There are some users in here that has peaked my interest and i decided to connect with them outside of this site, like FB/Skype. I do that because i feel comfortable with them and i trust that they're not weirdos of course, with a little research you'll be able to tell if they're sketchy or not, but there are some very vulnerable users in here too.

    Vulnerable users can be victims here on this site, I urged you users who desperately seek for a partner to talk to to be careful and do some research on that person before you start getting involve. Its a shame if you wasted your time with a person you regret on meeting, but they're plenty of good people that could understand you so take the initiative to improve on how you seek your partner!