India vs Pakistan air strikes

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    @RealHuman this is already an opportunity. bomb Pakistan and loot everything from them.

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    @reviewer_1 India is also backed by US. Pakistan will start kissing some russian and chinese assess for backup. obviously, they cant fight india alone. I have high hopes for India to win this in one strike.

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    @someone-99999 india is really gay.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe hahahahahaha thats an interesting take!!!, well i guess all countries have a day someday!

  • @RealHuman This is My reply
    I am My self a Pakistani citizen Just tell me one thing Who told your that we are supporting terrorists You MP Modi..??? It is totally unfair without any evidence how you and your MP Modi can say that we are supporting terrorism Don't you know about the Peshawar attack we lost more than 170 Kids
    More than 170 kids were killed in Peshawar school attack you can search that we were also caught by terrorism.As our PM IMRAN KHAN says that "it's newly Made Pakistan we don't want war we want Peace". he says that "Starting a war is very easy but putting an end on it is not that much easy". PM IMRAN KHAN Replied" When INDIAN govt says that Pakistan did that attack. In my opinions it is modi he is doing everything because the elections are coming towards the door so he's taking the chance.
    I am pretty sure about this because Modi don't even have a family he don't have a child,Mother,wife Etc. That he can feel for them he doesn't have any feeling so why he would give a shit about 45 Army soldiers that were killed in Pulwama Attack
    Let's suppose Indian army says that we have best intelligence (RAW) .So please tell me how that 60Kg RdX got easily passed through those check posts.That was a big truck and in the end boob MODI"s mission accomplished. This is how modi make You Fool Indian People.
    Now tell me guys who's reading this comment. If suppose my Air force cross your border and come to attack without any evidence..??? what would be your reaction and what would you do ofcrs you would retaliate. So as our Protection we retaliate and as you can see we shot down two indian jets one Pilot get caught by our citizens and he was beaten because our citizens were very angry about india Specially kashmiri citizens because Indian army don't let them to Pray weekly prayer at masjid and they do shelling Most of the kashmiri people are blind they can't see that's why kashmiri Citizens beaten him very tightly
    You can search the interview you can hear W/C Abhinandan's Own word what he said in his interview he said "Pakistani Army is very Professional Service".
    after that our PM IMRAN KHAN says that "we are releasing W/C Abhinandhan as a peace gesture".
    Indian accepted that but after one day they started their shit again they killed innocent people at kashmir 5 innocent people were Killed and our 2 Soldiers Embraced Shahadat They were dead.
    And yeasterday Indian Navy attacked on PAK Navy in which india got Good reply in the feedback From Pak Navy.
    MAKING situation to war

  • @Ifrahim-Fida-Aakazai Its good to make your point. I will not reply the point u have raised because u will not try to understand them , same apply for me. As a human we like that opinion or reason which favour us or which is already settled in our mind because of our upbringings and our surrounding.
    No offense for you , Good to support ur country and people.🙂

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    @RealHuman I'm not Indian but I'd say if this escalates to war, Pakistan will surely suffer. That is if India has the balls to use its military might.

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    @MadLove this is the topic that I have been looking for.

    Personally, India has no balls. They have a strong military (submarine, soldiers,etc.) and yet they are scared of a tiny Pakistan. India can even fight China.

    India should start bombing Pakistan now. End the conflict in one strike.

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