• What is your view on the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan ?

  • I dont think that I am right person for giving views on this because I am an Indian and hence might be biased. But i would like to read the opinions of outsider who really knows about this issue.
    My views: The Indian Air Force has done the airstrike on terror Camp based in pakistan for safety of country as in response to pulwama terror attack in which 44 CRPF soldier died. But in response of that as act of agression what pakistan airforce was saying retaliation they tried to attack the military establishment of India, which is a act of war. So, Indian side they act on terrorist which they have full right to do and also supported by all countries, but trying to take revenge for terrorist (weapon of pakistan which they use against india to destablise country) is not good. Supporting terrorism is in anyway is not good for anybody, Even pakistan is itself victim of terrorism even though they are supporting them is very shameful.
    War is never a solution for anything.
    No one wins in war, only humanity looses
    Most of the people of both sides are very peace loving , so share love not hatred

  • @Kiss_My_Axe Its easy to write things down but it never match the reality. In ww1 the thought it will end until Christmas but it didnt.

  • I think another opinion is pointless here.
    So you get two quotes instead:

    "War does not determine who is right — only who is left."

    "If we don't end war, war will end us."

  • Just as idiotic as the time when a russian jet fighter was shot down over the turkish-syrian border.

  • It 's too much aggression here..... Many countries are providing helping hands but there are some nation ( let's not mention them who find raising terrorists in their country a great trill) constantly exaggerating of using using nuclear weapons and when the other nation tried to suppress them, they are contacting Taliban(another terror group) which had made a deal with USA and they were REQUESTED by USA not to spread terror......These Taliban group are now blackmailing India to wage terror in Afghan if they would not stop to take action against pak.....and this further increase the chance of USA involvement and some other too......But what I fear the most is if this war continues it would soon be a war and that too a nuclear war............Tension are at extreme levels here

  • @RealHuman good job!

  • @Kiss_My_Axe said in India vs Pakistan air strikes:

    @RealHuman I'm not Indian but I'd say if this escalates to war, Pakistan will surely suffer. That is if India has the balls to use its military might.

    You sound like a terrorist to me.
    So why don't we bomb your house instead, for being against peace.

  • @Adyyan check your facts. compare their military power before u comment.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe First of all let me introduce you to the situation .India is a peace loving country and has no intention of fighting a war with Pakistan . India took action against terrorists not Pakistan .. About 300 terrorist were killed in the air strike but not even a single civilian or Pakistani military was hurt... India has stood up and will always stand to protect its people from terrorist .....But a potato is rotten doesn't mean the whole bag of potato are rotten......so it can strike but it will not strike and if India will do anything it will be for the sake of killing terrorist not Pakistan's military or civilians.....🍭🍬

  • @Kiss_My_Axe said in India vs Pakistan air strikes:

    @MadLove this is the topic that I have been looking for.

    Personally, India has no balls. They have a strong military (submarine, soldiers,etc.) and yet they are scared of a tiny Pakistan. India can even fight China.

    India should start bombing Pakistan now. End the conflict in one strike.

    I downvoted.

  • @Karina-Kara its not a war with a country but fight with terrorists who belong to no religion, no country and have no fear of god.....They killed 40 soldiers in a attack....the soldiers were just shifted to be deployed ....... Some took it as a war but its a fight with terrorist not pak....🍭🍬

  • @Adyyan said in India vs Pakistan air strikes:

    @Kiss_My_Axe LMFAO do you think pakistan is using christmas fireworks as nuclear weapons ?

    Please dont talk like a 10yo.
    Be a lil more mature than him.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe I am an Indian BUT I know nothing about Politics i have just heard this from my parents...So the what is happening is, Pakistan Being more or less a nation of terrorism can do anything they want cuz whenever the other countries blame them for the bombings, they're like "we didnt do that! Show us proof WE did that" India has has to go according to whims of the UN cuz otherwise we're no better than Pakistan.. and we have been retaliating as you wouldve seen these three to four days..Maybe the UN peeps decide that Pakistan is better to not exist, THEN we fight(not me our army I'm a coward far away from enemy lines)

  • Ground reality is, theirs gonna be no war, tensions are just going down so NO war so FAR.

    Major take, to anyone reading this is, that these tensions that have been shown are all BLOATED, thru various media channels. What really happened is :-

    Pulwana terror attack happened, 40 CRPF personals KIA by suicide attacker, later on JeM takes responsibility and releases various photos etc
    Indian Army retaliates in a Pre preemptive strike against a supposedly Terror camp, of which ofcourse so far theirs no official data released, and that'll happen with due time, thru various 3rd party agencies. Political Stand from Pakistan was , if not obvious, denial.
    Since the strike, so far both countries have gone face 2 face twice, amid various cease fire violations, those face 2 face have resulted an equal loss either side. The tensions subsided, when Pakistan got a POW in face of mig 21 pilot that was shot down by pak airforce.
    As an gesure Pak PM released the POW promptly ( in war history so far anyway ), so that thing has really derailed the whole tensions of war anyway.
    The take away here is that since India is going to polls, specifically for the seat of next PM, these series of incident even thou unrelated to politics, were used extensively to fwd propaganda by either parties here. this is where media houses took the chance to up their PR ratings. Mind it here in India we have 20 national news agencies!!!!, apart from various state ones, so you can guess wheres this going towards. Obviously Pak media wanted the taste of this fruit as well, which they did in a very befitting manner.
    So really the tensions are really media house based, not military, and as a proof, if you can, go thru various peace talks timeline b/w India & Pakistan, and you will notice that there has always been some kind of trouble just before the talks, primarily this was due to the fact neither side was ready to relent or come mid way. But so far with Imran khan as pm of Pakistan things were looking good, till the terror attack, but these things, and how and why the attack happened etc are for another topic.

    So really, theirs no Tensions so far, obviously their will be a bit strifle here and there, afterall a country's army set foot into anothers, even for just a few minutes, but that wont really last long. So really take it with a grain of salt these "media tensions" of Pak vs India.

    Good luck,
    Have a good day!

    just an addition, so really or basically, whats happening as these events have gotten too much media attention, either country is trying to save face, by voicing their prowess thats all, actual, Factual Truth isnt out yet, so its just a wait and watch game now.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe India is a emerging Superpower , so India will never(until situation become worse) want a war because it will damage its economy and take many opportunities from it.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe remember that in war loss are from both sides and its just not two country fighting.....I think if the situation get worse they may take other countries help too.......

  • All I know that this war is almost coming to an end.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe LMFAO do you think pakistan is using christmas fireworks as nuclear weapons ?

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