• The truth is the most painful thing that can come across in your life.
    I know that too well.
    And i know how it is like to grow up without anybody caring about you.
    Or growing up without any parents.
    I know that you were an orphan back then.
    No family.
    No friends.
    Being a total stranger.
    Life... Has its way with oneself.
    I know what i did to deserve... This...
    But you?
    I got no clue. Even after all that happend. I am no wiser about your past.
    Thing is, you got that happening from the very beginning. Before you even did anything at all.
    But i did horrible things. Way back then. Before all of this. And this is all because of me.
    Hell, i even tried to kill myself!
    I hurt people. So many. I deserve all of this.
    And even then: This life is a bliss. Even if i don't feel like that.
    Even when i despise it in its totalness.
    You deserve so much better then... Then this!
    You helped everyone where ever you could. You brought them all a smile to their faces.
    You made everyone happy.
    You gave everyone HOPE.
    You freed them all.
    You. Were.
    D E T E R M I N E D .
    So don't do this to yourself. Yes, mistakes WERE made. But that's the "past".
    We all fall down sometimes.
    It's by learning to pick ourselfs up that we succeed in this hellish world.
    If you want to know anything about what happend back then, then go ahead.
    Ask whatever you want, partner.
    I'm with you in the dark...

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