• I do not know where to start ... The story is that I met a friend and she was a nice person and we talked every day Then she told me about her boyfriend، That her boyfriend had been suffering since childhood with his father.And then after I was a positive person that makes her feel better or that's what I think I was telling me everything that bothers her ... Then she added me to a group where in this group there is her boyfriend and some of their friends .. anyway, I was shy at first but a day with a day I got used to them and they became my family.
    Then I met someone in this group He was the one who made me believe in true love and that I felt safe with him whenever we spoke .. I decided to confess to him because I could not tolerate the feelings of jealousy and how the girls around him and i were far away, I forgot to say they were in Turkey and I am in Jordan
    The day I admitted I was expecting to be rejected because I didn't feel that he had any feelings towards me ..
    My confession was .. I love him, he is the only person who deserves these tears, I cry every day because of him and he is like the wall doesn't feel. I love him very much, he's my only hope ... He's my treatment .. My depression has diminished since I got to know him he is the best person I've ever seen in my life. I've known the meaning of love because of him ... I love him.
    I told this friend to my friend and then i told him.

    • I will shorten a bit -

    After a relationship lasted two months on the sites of communication ... Two months of love .. Two months of sacrifice ... Two months of patience and hope ...
    All these moments were not real or exist?!
    She was a girl who made fake accounts. All of them were in the group. She was a girl and her friend ... Another friend of mine.. she was*
    I still do not know the reason why they have done this terrible thing ... I have crashed and broken into someone else ... I hate love I am afraid of all kinds of love .. I do not trust anyone ... I tried to commit suicide more than once but this will not meet the purpose .. However, after this situation i got exposed to bad moments there's someone who was blaming me because of their broke up .. And my family pressing on me .. My friends think I am fine ..
    I have become someone else I was a happy person, fun and smiling most of the time now became the harshest people and I cry every five minutes ... I'm tired no one understands what I feel ... I am lost .. My boyfriend who doesn't exist was the person who understands me .. But does not exist, i wish that there was someone like that fake person. I hate myself and I do love myself at the same time .. I wanted to tell someone about what I was feeling but I myself don't know what I feel ... I apologize if i upset anyone Thank you for reading anyway.

  • @lubnnaa01 Sorry for the things happend you. I hope you get fine soon... and sigh how can someone do that.. ☹☹ Love hurts so badly if it results in losing someone..

  • @ansi At least I learned something from this position ... that I don't hold anyone easily and don't love anyone more than I need or trust one more than myself.

  • @lubnnaa01 Yeah,,, If the other person don't care for you leave him/her. LOVE YOURSELF try bringing your old happy one back. Live happily. You are STRONG :)

  • that is horrendous, horrible to experience something like that i don't know how people find that funny, without realizing they are breaking someone into bits, i'm sorry to hear what happened to you, but hey because of a bunch of clowns don't forget there are good kind caring people too in this world, i'm not saying go fall inlove or open doors of trust, be careless but don't be hard on your self,

  • @adyyan i see that i was harsh on myself last couple of days .. i will take care of my heart now i hope nobody experience What i got into

  • @lubnnaa01 i feel sorry for what happened to you, but that's not the end of the world people going through much worse i know nobody deserves to go through something like this but, there good people too in this world, we all learn regardless of age, there are no boundaries to life lessons but such hard on yourself defensively and not letting anyone to help or win your trust, you might be making mistake, it's not easy, but five fingers are not Equal that's a common saying you've heard of it i'm sure ?, so don't be disheartened like that, and about love you'll find it just keep pushing forward ^_^

  • @adyyan thank you , i appreciate your words .. i feel more better sharing my feelings actually

  • @lubnnaa01 That's life tbh. Everyone feels some bad things in their life in different ways. You just a need a kick to start again and you'll see yourself happier again. :)
    strong girl
    You have to take care of your heart because no one else is gonna care about you except your family and really really true friends.....

  • @ansi my family and i not that close but i have a friend even though she's not besides me but her heart are with me wherever I go ... It's the girl i mentioned in the beginning of the story she had the same thing but for 5 months .. what surprised me is that she's okay now .. I'm happy because that thing didn't effect on her the way it effects on me

  • @lubnnaa01 You'll get better soon InshaAllah. Think Positive. Stay positive :)

  • @ansi i will 💙

  • @lubnnaa01 Eyes With Dust and Heart With Trust Always Cry

  • @spaceboy i learned a lot , i know i became someone else but at least this made the new me ... Or a stronger person

  • @lubnnaa01 I'm really sorry about everything that u had to go through.But believe in yourself.Believe in love.Love will come to u eventually.You know why?Because u deserve it :) . Everything will be fine.Everything will turn to normal.You'll become the happy girl u were before.All u need r the right ppl as frnds.If u need any help or support I'll be there :smile: .Don't hesitate and dm me.I'll be there.Good luck!!! :+1: <3

  • @darkice thanks for your words , it means a lot ... I will 💙

  • @lubnnaa01 sounds like a cruel game to me.. hope you recovers from it asap.. this is one of those times that you get to show yourself what you are made of... be strong and keep your head high. good luck.

  • @barton i wish that no body suffer the way i am suffering right now .. i will be strong thanks.

  • sjjvkgkbbkkbkb I wuv you