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    hey guys i am sad , actually i did something so stupid that finished the leftover hope of my crush falling for me . i have finally decided to give up my crush on him . i am upset coz today i came to know that in my absence , my teacher praised me in the english class but my so called friends said that i have a really bad attitude and i am so lazy that rather than studying i am always online on whatsapp .presenting some lines written by me regarding this :-
    the person i trusted is not trust worthy .
    my schoolmates are good but bad .
    friends are not friends.
    who aren't friends , they are friends.
    this is a puzzle but more difficult than a puzzle.
    life is easy but then too tough.
    love is simple but then too difficult.
    in the way to future, some people come and some go away.
    my life is sorted but then too complicated.
    what should i do ?
    everyday i make new friends and lose some.
    oh god what to do !!!!!?????

  • @cutie-cat Don't worry, things like that happen all the time. Now you may be sad, but you'r strong and you'll survive, making harder each day and choosing your friends. I know, im just a stranger, but give It time, and you'll see..
    Oh, and dont be so dramatic, right?😋

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    @alex_sdc actually i made that poem or whatever it is 2 years before and you aren't a stranger , you are a very gud friend of mine 🙂

  • @cutie-cat thanks, and just remember to keep going.

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