• A guy under the name depressed male 21 wrote

    " I am an effeminate high pitched little boy who is addicted to the internet and has an impotent chin(probably important down there) and a shitty mustache that refuses to grow(cover up tiny mole). Also, I am constrained to wear goofy glasses dues to astigmatism and an overbite(got punched at a concert). I look like a transexual Shaun King. I am a perpetual virgin. I am 21 years old even though I have the mental age of a 15-year-old (70 IQ). The only reason I passed high school is that of lower standards. I have no license(only a permit) and never had a job. Instead, I am being taken care of by my elderly parents(my father gets sometimes angry and We get into fist fights. My mother is a fat disgusting overbearing bitch. I hate her the most not because of how she treats me but not aborting me like the trash I am.) I can't even do a push-up or tie my shoe. Also, I am an adult bed-wetter. I am an egotist who can't be bothered with others. I am so unlikable not even the lowest beings(Untermensch) want to associate with me. My idols are mass murders and dictators. No matter what good advice I am given I can never follow through. And on top of it, I am a sexual degenerate. There is no porn I wouldn't fap to and in fact, I fap every day. I try to trick young women to send me nudes because its the closest I can get to real interaction. I have more in common with serial killers, spree killers, and mass murders then I do with normalfags. I also have ADHD(tendency to procrastinate and hyperactivity to the point where I can’t concentrate ), dyslexia(I am barely literate), I am lazy like a nigger, depression, always angry, have a self-esteem deeper than the Mariana trench, and I shit blood thanks to colitis andd the fact that I like to pick my asshole. I think I am the worst out of all you pathetic filth."

  • That is... umm... very disturbing

  • @notaserialkiller I can't tell if I feel sad or disturbed or disgusted after reading that. who was that?

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