• Hello I am writing to you guys as I would like some help. I was employed by a company called eds dinner for about 4 days I thought it was nice and stuff but the general manager was abit inappropriate to me and some other people so one day when we had a chat with everyone that would be working there. Everyone else left but me and I thought I could talk to him about me learning the new menu and also how I am dyslexic and that I may need a month to learn it all he said that fine and stuff but then he asked me if I have any kids or what my family is like and that he only picked my cv as I have a kid and a baby. He even said that there was other people with better cvs than me and I better not let him down as he took a risk with me. I just thought maybe he was testing me or something with seeing what I say. But the next day we had the big manager head of board down as they want to see how the new employers are learning the new menu and where the places is getting rebuilt we couldn't go in there so we was in a different restaurant learning this new menu and then I come in wearing jeans and a simple top but no makeup and then he turns to me and another girl and say why u not wearing make up you did for the interview was you doing this to impress me. We have the head of board here remember you want to show a good impression to them and when it comes to opening day wear makeup as we don't want to scary the customer away as they will think your tired and then when it was opening day I didnt want to work there as I just felt like he didn't care the manager and he even said he doesnt have time for me or anyone like that and my boyfriend got mad as he said he couldnt be asked with me and he told one of the supervisors how he felt but got told to go away so my boyfriend did but I got asked to come back to eds for day day so I did I also got told the manager find out what my boyfriend said and would to hit him but got stopped but that day when I come in it was 10 mins into it and I got fired and so I left but after a week went back and got my p45 but no payslip and I just wanted some help with everything that happened.