LGBTQ individual looking for friends (LGBTQ individuals only please)

  • Hey! I'm a genderqueer lesbian looking for LGBTQ friends. This chat is a safe space to talk about being a part of our awesome community.

  • @prideforever hello m8

  • @prideforever Hiii! I just came out as a lesbian last month and i feel on one accepts me other tham my friends :(

  • @PrideForever hey I'm Jayde I'm 14 and bisexual

  • Does anyone wanna hear a trans joke? ๐Ÿ‘€

  • @Jayde2004 hey want to chat

  • @PrideForever I just joined and I came across this. I'm over a year late but thats whatever. Let's chat yeah.

  • Banned