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    again fought with my crush today , this time it was his mistake obviously (it's always his mistake), my friends say that fighting like this is a sign of attraction between two people ,i could have posted it in my posts with the heading as crush but it is about me and i share my true feelings on 'THIS IS ME' so i wrote it on this is me .well this is my childhood and also my teenage days and these days will never return , i don't know whether it is teenage love or just a crush or a twin flame attraction .it may be anything but it is a strong feeling indeed and the best part of it is that nowadays it happens regularly with me and makes my heart skip a beat <3 . what happens with me regularly ? whenever i look at him , he is already staring at me :D

  • Good at least u have a lively life and here i m so bored with doing same thing again and again daily😥😥😥😥

  • @cutie-cat at least u havr a lively life

  • Soooo😒😒am i talking to my self