• I'm raven little/kitten single and looking for a mommy.

    More about me:

    I am 20 years old I am currently looking for a job. I spend a lot of time in little space but that's just how I am if you don't like it then you don't have to talk to me. I've even been little at work sometimes but ofc didn't let it show.
    I really love my paci and my baba and sippys too. I love cuddles. I love chocolate especially chocolate milk. I love candy, especially gummi worms. I love watching cartoons and movies. I love playing lil kid games on my laptop. I love going to the park.
    I don't like rude ppl that judge others for anything.

    Big me: I like going for walks and looking at garage sales. I like eating out when I can.
    I like to draw ,read books and poetry ,write poetry and short stories sometimes long stories. My happy place is my own bedroom or at the park under a tree reading.
    I love sex especially with toys but I know it's not everything to a relationship.
    I really like going to different chat sites n hanging out. I love being around people.

    Please do not message me starting off as sexual or anything of the sort. I will block.
    Please respect the fact that I am lesbian. However I do have a thing for Trans women. Don't know why , just do, always have. I like older women. I do not like fair weather friends that leave when you really need them.

    I do not just jump into things I like to get to know ppl.

    My Kik is LilTigerLilly20

  • @LilRaven20 hiii im kenny

  • @LilRaven20 you sound so cute c: Feel free to message me any time ya like! I'd love to chat!