Loving someone not knowing who or where he is..

  • Has anyone felt they are in love with someone they don't know if he exists? But love them like shit hopping Someday underneath all this shit he will find u..? Coz he feels that WiFi connection kinda love and he can't track you neither can u track him...am kinda love.. I hope I ain't crazy

  • @falcontarious

    That's some deep shit you are going on.
    I do LIKE to believe often don't believe there's someone out there for everyone, but falling in love for someone you haven't met is kinda farfetched, don't you think?
    Maybe you enjoy the idea of loving and being loved someday and that I can totally understand!

  • Soul Searchers

    @falcontarious believe me I loved someone so much it made my body hurt. Was with them for a few years and thought they felt the same. Oooooosh!!! Got that wrong. Hurts a lot more when they know how you feel because they can play with your emotions. If they never know you don't get hurt. But then again I'm an absolute cynic these days and wouldn't change that for the world. Saves it happening again.

  • i had that feeling and still do.. i dreamed of that person and i'm not sure if i still remember his face but i always kinda think about him.. it's not normal i guess .. but why would id happen if it's not normal?

  • @mr-h I guess maybe

  • @vinnyt but don't you think it's worth it for some to know how u feel about them though I haven't realy net nyone worth it..but I try giving chances thinking what could I loose? I guess we may know some day...n I'm sorry u got hurt when u did.. But don't hide Ur feelings alwayse some people must be worth it jus remember expect nothing from them while u try..so u won't be disappointed but instead u myth be awarded..hope it helps..

  • @blue not everything has a reason or explaination at first...but we know at the ends when the dots connect ... At least I've faith..up find what u seek my Frnd! 🙂

  • Soul Searchers

    @falcontarious I expect nothing from anyone at the beginning of a relationship. Well maybe honesty and trust. That way you can get an idea of the person you are with. If they give that then cool. It's when you give it back that you end up in murky waters because you give yourself to someone expecting the same as it was in the beginning. I understand people change but if they do then the honesty you expect should still be there. The problem is that people are afraid of that honesty because they do care up to a point and don't want to hurt you. It actually makes it worse because as they are drifting you have no idea because you are still in the love bubble. The truth and honesty you come to expect from them should still apply but it doesn't and you end up hurt and confused from thinking that it was something you did and wondering what it was you did wrong. If you're gonna end a relationship because the love is no longer there then be truthful about it. Completely went off on a tangent from the original question I've just realised. Rant over.

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