• I just had the query means curious to know that which post u would wish to reply more -

    1. An easy question but not much interesting such as Which is ur fav movie/song/colour/place ??
    2. An interesting question... But answering it u have to give ur brain a bit pressure such as What would u do if all people on this Earth gets stopped for a day... Only u can move
      Reason too required - : )

    If I say of mine... I would be replying few of the easy questions which includes subject involving my hobbies... Nd interesting ones if I get some answer for replying in my mind

    What about u all ??? Btw this is a freaking post but still I wanted to know few opinions that's why

  • I would reply to an interesting question more readily than some simple one, since they lead to interesting conversations and they're more fun to answer.

  • @cool_shobhit I like to respond to both types lol but I’m more likely to respond to questions that require some thought as you get more interesting responses

  • Gamers

    i would reply to the one i have opened, doesn't take much time to think

  • I'd reply to the 2nd types of post
    Because i find em' very interesting
    You gotta imagine situations.. your brain explores something it never had before.

  • @sammy Haha... Veryy true... 👍👍

  • @jynextremist Haha Lol 😂😂😂 I told this is very poor topic....

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