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    Everyone seems to play this differently... what's your play style? Design a whole street of houses? Kill everyone? Max out all your skills? Download a million different outfits? Discuss here πŸ™‚

  • I download a ton of mods of any kind that interest me and make families. then i spend a bunch of time skilling them up until i get bored of it, i never make houses but i remodel them. it's a huge time sink so i havent installed it after i formatted my pc

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    @chirpus I absolutely skill them all up, and download a lot of clothing because nothing looks like me or the friends I model the people in the town on πŸ™‚ Also better furniture but slows the computer down so much

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    i used to play that game when i was like 17, after that any sims game just seems pretty boring to me

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