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Do you agree???

60% agree with his explanations. However, please noted some points:

Not all people look for good looking appearance Not all people have good standards about "appearance" His crazy scale, i think we can lower it as 2. There is no crazy girls outside who has 2 or even 3 scores as i find em through networking 😂 also, i want to know his motivations to give 4 in craziness. Meanwhile, from look scale it is 0, so it is so biased. It seems like he mentioned there is a girl outside who is ugly as fuck 😂😂 About unicorn zone, it is possible if he managed to do good dealing with a woman he loves. Remember, only 1 woman, either his wife / gf or whatever he called. I am not gonna proceed his scale about gf zone. It perhaps still on "friendship zone". His scale about wife zone is the only one i agree.