@Mhdkyeoyekhxkhxk said in Alleged Mod abuse in Live Chat:

@Pamela i am very aware of what he did he was nagging axes and he faced the consequence. Either you point fingers because one little prick rants about it or respect the judgement of the mods.

I hadn't questioned the decision or the criteria followed by the moderators because LiveChat doesn't fall within my scope of action. If I'm offering my perspective on the matter, it's only because you had discredited my judgment when sharing this incident.

Regardless of how wrong his reasoning is, the user has the right to have their complaints heard. I'm only fulfilling my duty when transferring his request. What you do with it is no longer my problem.

Now mods can be wrong so was @Sup once and he got demodded and if there is any grey area in what axes have done its not as big what sup did. Yes i am judging him for what he did in past the thing is. He just comes to troll and then act all innocent.

His demoding and what happened in Live Chat are separate incidents and should be judged separately.
Mere "nagging" or "trolling" (in this case, putting in doubt a certain person's manhood) doesn't constitute a reason for a ban. Given that you have been a moderator for a longer time than I've been active on this site, I presume you know that.

I would say tag is better than sup at least he mans up. Although tag is a monkey. @Sup ffs grow up reminder 2

What does TAG have to do with this?